Ecuador Adventure.. 2014 RPM shoot

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I have been putting together all my snippets of footage and shots from my first Slingshot experience.  I know it was a few months ago but I wanted to wait until all the official footage went out first, all totally sick edits by talented Patrick Wieland.  My little video is no Oscar winning edit but its certainly a good bumpy documentation of my time in Ecuador.

I thought rather than post loads of photos and tons of text I would do this little edit and tell you a little bit about my first Slingshot trip.

I was hella Stoked when I found out I was going not only to get to know the rest of my team matess and get some kite time on the water with them, but also to experience another kite spot I have never been.  Thats one of the massive bonuses about this sport, that you get to travel around meeting new people who are all just as kite crazy as yourself  😉

Everyone in Ecuador was so friendly and happy to show you the sights and they were all very proud of their country. Whats not to like you have fresh fish everyday with a giant cold beer looking on a horizon with whales surfacing it was crazy.  I never thought i would be in a position on my kite only a couple of feet away from what at first i thought was a massive shark…  But found out it was a huge hump back whale, the mentalness!!!  I was terrified but also super pumped its not every day i get to kite with whales.  I found it very hard not to sing the jaws music in my head but thats only a good thing it made me face plant a lot less than normal 😉

We stayed at Ocean Freaks owners house Davo Hildago.  He was kind enough to put the lot of us up and thank goodness his Mama was there baking fresh chocolate chip cookies every day. Gotta love mamas cooking especially when you get back from a day at the beach having a massive chicken lasagne put in front of us was pretty freekin tip top too.

When we first arrived at the beach i was just desperate to crack open the new gear i was like a little kid at Christmas I wanted to open everything.  Then I could’t stop checking out my board and boots. I have the Crisis and Jewel boots lazy boy on your feet trust me I would wear them as regular boots if i wouldn’t get locked up for being mental. The color combo is pretty sick so sick i keep just checking them out every time i use them it looks so pretty.

On the no wind days we went and did a little sight seeing which included a trip to the original Panama hat museum this was very cool couldn’t resist buying a few those bad boys.  We also went for a good old nosy around the local village and picked up a few Ecuadorian bits and bobs, great for little pressies.

I loved the scenery it was beautiful. Where I live in Cayman is completely flat so to be driving around steep windy roads was so refreshing.  Speaking of refreshing we were also always given an icy cold beer the second it was beer O’clock 😉  I have a lot of time for that!

Although the wind is usually pumping we were a little unfortunate, mother nature decided to be a biatch and with hold the cranking wind.  We did get a few days on the water though, I know when you really need the wind its so typical that it seems to have a funny way of not showing up. I am finding this the more I travel to kite spots.

Never the less we managed to keep busy with a few down winders and the wind did turn up before we left just in time for the demo day.  The conditions were hugely challenging for me but I love to ride at new spots its the only way to get better and improve your riding.

So in a nut shell the whole Ecuador trip was great!  Great company, Great fresh fish and kick ass gear surrounded by some of the best kiters in the world so now I cant wait for the next Slingshot trip! 😉


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  1. Nauticpedia says:

    Great video Amy! Fantastic Spot and Big Team 😛
    Shared in our video section:

    1. Admin says:

      Thanks for sharing 😉

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